Our Facilities

We pride ourselves on the functionality and appearance of our facilities. We are constantly updating and improving our premises and equipment to keep our facility within the highest of professional standards.

Whether it is our  Chapel, Visitation Rooms, Coffee Lounge, or Reception Facilities, the flexibility of our layout allows us to accommodate a broad range of services. Our facilities can support everything from very large assemblies to the smallest of quaint gatherings.

Simply choose from the menu on the left to learn more about the individual features of our facilities, and the reason why the Pilon Family Funeral Home is known as a leader in our profession.


The funeral is an important opportunity to pay tribute to someone you loved. It is a time for relatives and friends to gather tell stories, to share memories, to acknowledge your loss and support one another. We are open-minded in providing a more  personal arrangement to suit your needs and reflect the life of your loved one.

We've worked hard to make the surroundings as comforting as possible, for you during this difficult time.

The Pilon Family Chapel

The Pilon Family Chapel was built in 2001. It was designed and constructed to create a warm, inviting setting where area families of all faiths can come together and celebrate the life of a loved one. With a formal seating capacity of 160 guests, the Pilon Family Chapel also has an overflow where another 100 people can be welcomed to take part in the service.

A photo of the chapel at Pilon Family Funeral Home.

Visitation Rooms

Our visitation rooms have been tastefully decorated to ensure comfort and serenity at the time of a loss. Designed to be flexible in their use, our visitation rooms can accommodate everything from a traditional period of visitation - to a more contemporary memorial visitation - to a private family service.

The Smith Parlour (Main Visitation Area)

The Smith Parlour, named after the founders of this Funeral Home, Clem and Doris Smith, is our main visitation area. This elegant appointed room is spacious enough to accommodate the sizeable  number of visitors we often experience in our funeral home, yet its decor also creates a homelike setting for smaller, more intimate gatherings. The flexibility of this room offers our families the opportunity of personalization befitting their needs.

A photo of the visitation room at Pilon Family Funeral Home.

The Byrne Family Room

The Byrne Family Room, named after the original owners of this home at 50 John Street, North, is a comfortable, quiet room that tends to be a gathering place for those in need of a little space or just to get warmed up on a cold day. The sound, sight and warmth of a crackling fire invites many to stop and linger. Our smaller families sometimes choose this room for visitation because of its intimacy.

A photo of an interior planning room at Pilon Family Funeral Home showcasing a fireplace, comfortable couch, and seating.
A photo of an interior planning room at Pilon Family Funeral Home.

Reception Lounge

Our reception lounge can provide a convenient setting for a time of fellowship and light refreshments after the funeral service. This is a particularly thoughtful gesture to those who must travel some distance after the funeral. Our in-house caterer provides our families with a variety of menu selections from which to choose and addressing special dietary needs if requested. Catering Services

A reception centre photo of Pilon Family Funeral Home.

Arrangement Office

The arrangement office situated across the hall from the Byrne Family Room, is a multi-use room. While the main purpose of this room is for at-need and pre-need arrangements, the privacy this room provides allows us to offer it for phone calls, clergy needs and private chats.

Our arrangement office, situated on the main floor, is designed to make our families feel comfortable and at ease during their time of need. We have always believed working together at a table instead of a desk creates a much more friendly and less business-like environment. The glass french doors create a feeling of openness at the same time affording our families their privacy.

An interior arrangement office photo of Pilon Family Funeral Home showing a display case and seating.
An interior selection room photo of Pilon Family Funeral Home.
An interior hallway photo of Pilon Family Funeral Home showing comfortable seating and decorative hangings.
An interior hallway photo of Pilon Family Funeral Home.