Prearranged funerals are simple and easy to transfer from one service provider to another.

For over 25 years, our family has worked diligently to build a reputation for quality and heartfelt service while providing peace of mind and always paying attention to detail. In doing so, we have developed countless valued friendships with area families, while becoming one of the fastest growing funeral firms in the Ottawa Valley. As a result, we are often asked about transferring prearranged/prepaid funeral services from other area funeral homes to our Family firm. If you like the service we offer and the manner with which we carry out our business, but you have already prearranged a funeral elsewhere, just contact us and we can transfer the entire prearrangement to our firm with ease and at no charge to yourself. 

All funds deposited for a prepaid funeral in Ontario are held in trust with a company such as Guaranteed Funeral Deposits, or an insurance company like Assurant Life of Canada, or Equitable Life. These funds always belong to you until the death occurs, and it is only at this point that the funds are used to pay for the funeral services. Any excess funds are returned to the estate after the services are provided.

How to Transfer Your Arrangements

If you would like to transfer your arrangements to the Pilon Family, all you need to do is:

1. Call or email us to notify us of your wishes.
2. We will prepare the necessary documents.
3. All we need is one signature and we will do the rest.

For more information or to transfer your arrangements, please call us at:

(613) 623-5194

or email us at: